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BIO 325H: QUIZ: 10 NAME: _______ KEY __________________________ Spring 2007 You have 10 minutes to take this quiz. Read each problem carefully and make sure that you fully answer the questions asked. Good luck! 1. (2 pts) From outside to inside what floral parts/organs are found in the four whorls of a typical flower? _ sepals__________________________________________ _petals__________________________________________ _stamens________________________________________ _carpels _________________________________________ 2. (2 pts) As we discussed, RILs are an excellent tool for helping to determine chromosomal locations of genes that influence quantitative traits. Why do we want the parents, used to produce a set of RILs, to be as divergent as possible in the
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Unformatted text preview: traits of interest? Since we would be looking for a correlation between the trait of interest and a marker on some region (or regions) of the chromosome, having large differences in the trait between the parents makes it easier/more likely that the RILs will also have big differences among them for the trait. This will make it easier to detect the correlation than if the differences between the parents are very small. 3. (1 pt) Name one aspect of plant development that auxin influences. You could have mentioned any of the following: phototropism apical dominance (anything else in the table in your textbook)...
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