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ECON 1088-100: Math Tools for Economists II Summer 2007: Term A Midterm Examination 3 June 29 th , 2007 Name: __________________________________________________ Student ID: ______________________________________________ Instructions: There are 12 questions and 100 points total. In order to get full credit, you must show all your work. A correct answer with no work will receive no credit. Please make your final answer clear by writing legibly and place a box around it. If you are unable to do a problem, you can get partial credit for explaining where you got stuck – doing so will help us to better understand what you know. If you need a scratch paper, please raise your hand during the exam period. The questions begin from the back of this page. Don’t turn this page until you are told to do so. You have 95 minutes to complete the exam (12:45 – 2:20 PM). Good Luck. On my honor, as a University of Colorado at Boulder student, I have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance on this work. Signature: _______________________________________________ Date: 06/29/07 1
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