Chem 223 F15 Exam 2A Answers

Chem 223 F15 Exam 2A Answers - Chem 223 Fall 2015 Exam 2...

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Page 1 of 8 Chem 223 Fall 2015 Exam 2 Version A 12/4/15 Name ______________________ Student #___________ Circle your section: AA AB AC AD AE AF AG AH Melrose Melrose Min Melrose Melrose Min Min Min 10:30 11:30 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 8:30 3:30 You have 50 minutes for this exam. It contains this cover sheet and 7 pages of questions. You are allowed to use a molecular model kit, but no additional resources (no phones, calculators, etc.) You can answer the questions in any order. My personal advice is to skim through the exam initially and pick out questions you feel confident about, then work around to the remaining questions. Also, keep in mind the point value for each question when you allot time to each question. Work should be shown for all questions, incorrect answers without any work will not be awarded any credit, Likewise, showing your work drastically increases the odds of you receiving partial credit. BE SURE to write your name on the cover page AND initial all other pages Question Points Possible Points Received 1 9 2 8 3 11 4 9 5 12 6 6 7 12 8 21 9 12 Total 100
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Initials______________ Page 2 of 8 1) Name the following molecules according to IUPAC (include stereochemistry where appropriate): (9 pts) (3 pts each) a) NO 2 O b) H Br F H 3 C c) OH OH p-methoxynitrobenzene (2S,3S,4S) 2-bromo-3-ethyl-4-fluorohexane but-3-ene-1,2-diol 1-methoxy-4-nitrobenzene (1’S, 3S, 4S) 3-(1-bromoethyl)-4-fluorohexane 3-butene-1,2-diol p-nitroanisole 4-nitroanisole Methyl 4-nitrophenyl ether (any of the listed names are acceptable) (-1 pt for each mistake, no penalty for “grammar” like alphabetizing 2) For each of the following 4 pairs of molecules, identify their stereochemical relationship – same compound, enantiomers, diastereomers, etc. (8 pts) (2 pts each) a) Br HO H Br OH H enantiomers b) OH O Br Br OH O Br Br diastereomers c) Br Cl Br Cl enantiomers d) OH OH OH HO same compound (meso)
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