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Political Party Comparison Directions:Using the internet, find the official platforms for each of the political parties listed below. Using each parties platform, jot down their stances on each of the categories listed below. DEMOCRATSREPUBLICANSLIBERTARIAN CIVIL RIGHTSSupporting voting rightsAnd minority rights.Favors independenceAt state level.Individual rights and personal freedoms over Any kind of authority. EDUCATIONDemocrats recognizeEducation as the mostPressing economic issueIn America’s future.Republicans believe onRestructuring of highereducation.Libertarian advocate free market education where parents, teachers and students, not the government, should make their own choices on education. ENVIRONMENTClimate change poses areal and urgent threat toour economy.They believe thatenvironmental causeshave been advancedbest on private lands ,therefore consider the security of private property.Issue hostility toward government programs that cause environmental harm.
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