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Sipe 1 Professor R. Starmer Joshua Sipe English 102 March 6, 2009 Formalistic Perspective Sweat by Zora Neal Hurston As said by Terry Eagleton “Postmodernism is among other things a sick joke at the expense of revolutionary avant-gardism.” Sweat by Zora Neale Hurston is a celebration of chaos and fragmented characterization. The fragmented behavior can be seen by Sykes and Delia while irony displays chaos. It is the fragmented characters and chaotic irony which make Sweat a post modernistic story. Sweat by Zora Neal Hurston depicts the story of a raggedy frail black woman named Delia Jones. The story starts off with Delia Jones going about her routine as a washwoman, which entails sorting clothing, usually late on Sunday nights, in order to make Monday mornings easier. While separating the clothing into neat and orderly piles and humming a favorite song, her husband Sykes arrives at the house. When first walking into the opening of the door frame he lays his black whip on Delias shoulder, where she panics quickly thinking the whip to be a snake but soon thereafter realizes it was only a dirty prank. At this point the reader discovers Delias Ophidiophobia. After Sykes rudely grinds and separates Delia’s pile of
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Sipe 2 clothing across the floor, a dispute breaks out. This dispute reveals that Sykes is an abusive husband that has no regard for Delia’s well being even after Delia has worked herself to the bone as stated “…’cause Delia works so hard ovah dat washtub she rechon everything on de place tasts lak sweat an’ soapsuds….”(148,149) Monday morning comes around and Delia is out the door off to collect the clothing from her clients. On her way to collect from the white people she passes a local general store where she encounters a group of locals who tell about Delia’s and Sykes’ relationship. The narrator is then a voyeur on the local’s conversation. One of the
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formalistic paper - Sipe 5 Professor R Starmer Joshua Sipe...

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