Nurtured Obese America - Nurtured Obese America I believe...

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Nurtured Obese America I believe America is Fat. Obesity in America has risen over the last few decades to numbers that astonish even the best statisticians. The sedentary lifestyle provided by free America results in people getting fat. People today, have no time to cook a well balanced meals, instead they decide to get fast food which slowly blocks their arteries and raises cholesterol. Which doesn’t seem like a bad idea considering there are thousands of places that can satisfy your every craving. If society says “your fat” then you probably are, America is fast pace and most people can’t keep up so they reside on their couch eating junk food. Obesity in America is becoming an epidemic. In my mind America is fat for three reasons, advertisements, lifestyle choices, and eating habits. Advertisements makes us think that skinny gorgeous models are who we should look like, but that’s not how average people are, average people today aren’t even the people who eat balanced diets, average people are either overweight or obese. Thirty-five percent of adults in America are overweight ( ). Advertisements contribute to this percentage because they fill people with false knowledge. Advertisements are everywhere whether its television, radio, billboards, magazines, and even in the mail. You can’t watch
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Nurtured Obese America - Nurtured Obese America I believe...

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