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experience 9 - Joshua Sipe I Feelings and Description...

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Joshua Sipe Assumptions exercise I Feelings and Description: A. When we went over the assumptions we made about other people I was nervous at first because I didn’t know what people would assume about me but as the exercise went on I realized that people didn’t have any bad assumptions about me which made me feel comfortable. This exercise we different from the rest in the way that we had to judge people by their covers instead of getting to know them which is different from what I do usually because I like to know people before I judge them permanently. I didn’t really like this exercise but I also didn’t hate it so my feelings about this exercise were indifferent. B. As soon as class began the class was asked to take out the assumptions list that we were asked to complete a couple of classes ago. The class proceeded to go around the room saying one assumption they felt comfortable saying aloud. Once the class had gone around once we proceeded to do it a second and third time. After the third time of going
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