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Joshua Sipe Experience 3 I Feelings and Description A. When we started this experience I knew that this was an experience. It was different from other exercises that I have done because it made you think about your own attributes and characteristics that define you from others. I started off with the basic characteristics right off the top of my head which are easy but then I had to think a little harder to think about what really defined me. I was interested in what other people said defined them but I was looking to see if I was similar to them in anyway also. I enjoyed this experience because it made you think about yourself. I also was surprised at the end of the experience because I had heard words that I thought explained me even though I didn’t think of them in the beginning of the exercise. Also at the end of the experience the instructor told us that they did this exercise after September 11 th and the number one description was patriotic. The story of Daria Muse also surprised me because she was able to live a dual
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