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Suffering the Pornographers Pg. 229 This essay is about a pastor who got a message from god one day in the shower where god said “pornography” who later told a friend who also is a pastor about his vision. Three years later the two friends set up a website titled where they talked about how sex is tempting and an issue for everyone. Instead of writing scripture as a search they used “porn, sex, guys, girls” which allowed them to reach a larger crowd. They set up this website to stop young children from viewing pornographic
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Unformatted text preview: sites. From this website viewers can download X3 which can be downloaded. X3 filters certain material along with related pornographic topics to stop viewing of pornographic material. This whole concept was interesting to me because two pastors created a website which talked about pornography and how tempting pornography can be. It also was weird that the pastor had a vision of god where god said “pornography.”...
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