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Rugby Superior to Football

Rugby Superior to Football - Joshua Sipe Rugby Superior to...

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Joshua Sipe Rugby Superior to Football Football is Americas most popular sport but a similar sport known as rugby is more hardcore and more physically demanding. Rugby was invented by William Web Ellis in 1823 during a soccer game, when he picked up the soccer ball and ran with it down the field. ([email protected] (UIRFC)). Rugby has been around for almost 200 years and is really popular in Europe but has not caught on in the United States. The only people who understand how physically demanding the sport is are people who have played Rugby. Rugby has some particularly interesting rules that make it more difficult than just carrying a ball down a soccer sized field. There are three basic formations in rugby that are necessary for game play. The three formations are called the scrummage, maul, and the ruck. A scrummage is used when an infraction occurs by one team and the opposing team receives possession of the ball. The scrummage consists of six people who smash into each other, after the referee says “engage”, and try to steal the ball from the center. A maul is another formation where a player who is running with the ball engages another player in a tackle but doesn’t go down to the ground. After the collision between the two players, three or more fellow teammates smash into the ball carrier and push the pile forward. A ruck is when a collision occurs and the
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