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I am persistent - clothing. Not one of my friends believed...

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Joshua Sipe I am persistent. When I wrestled in high school I would never give up no matter how small or large the challenge was. One time some friends of mine and me went out to Binghamton for Greco Roman and Freestyle state championships. Going into the competition I planned on wrestling at a comfortable 140 pounds but the night before I was only two pounds heavy, so it seemed like a wise decision to drop the extra two pounds and wrestle at 135 pounds. The next day I starved myself until we reached our destination and I was still one and a half pounds overweight, so I suited up in all the clothing that I brought with me which included sweatshirts, underarmour, sweatpants, and other various types of
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Unformatted text preview: clothing. Not one of my friends believed that I would be able to reach 135 pounds because I hadnt made that low of a weight since the season. I ended up having to run through fields of flowers sweating out the last few pounds of weight while starving and about to throw up from exhaustion. I finally made my weight after about an hour of hell. At the end of the competition I place fourth in the state and have never wrestled better in my whole career. I believe that had it not been for my persistence I would have never been able to accomplish this....
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