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Joshua Sipe Michael Moores “S I C K O” Michael Moores “S I C K O” is a documentary based on revealing America’s downfalls when it comes to its national healthcare. The movie doesn’t focus on people who have healthcare and are living the American dream but on the thousands of people in America that do not have the luxury of healthcare or those who have been denied healthcare. The documentary shows that the Americans without healthcare cannot live the American dream and are often left to fend for themselves. My initial point of view on this movie was that it was just another Michael Moore film where it would be biased, but after watching the film Michael Moore has revealed the flaws behind American healthcare. Michael Moore makes solid arguments throughout the film that are backed by evidence that is irrefutable. Throughout the movie he meets individuals who are without healthcare and explores each one of their sad but true stories. The movie starts out with a man whose one leg has been amputated and the other with a large wound which he must stitch shut himself because he cannot afford healthcare. Along with this a second man who has cut the tip of his ring finger and a larger part of his middle finger off and this man has to choose which finger he wants to have reattached. The man of course chooses the ring finger because it costs 12 thousand dollars compared to the 60 thousand dollars it would cost to repair his middle finger. After seeing this first scene I was already blown away. For a person to choose which finger to be reattached would be mind blowing for any anyone. Living
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sicko - Joshua Sipe Michael Moores S I C K O Michael Moores...

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