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Reginald, Nixon, Annemarie Menne, Leonard Kling, Anna Steele, John Barnes, Hayley Dohnt, Shelley-anne Ball and Hanna Tyler. “Metacognition, working memory, and thought suppression in acute stress disorder: Case Study.” Australian Journal of Psychology, vol. 60, No. 3, December 2008 pp.168-174. Retrieved October 19, 2008. 449ea89bc02d%40sessionmgr8 . The author examined factors hypothesized to be related to thought suppression ability in a sample of acutely traumatized individuals with and without acute stress disorder. The author hypothesized that relative to the non-ASD group, ASD participants would experience greater difficulty in suppressing trauma related memories but would show comparable results in terms of a neutral stimulus. The author further stated that it was expected that ASD participants would show poorer working memory ability and more maladaptive trauma appraisals than non-ASD participants, and that these variables would be negatively correlated with suppression success. The author examined the relationship between working memory and general cognitive ability to
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