How would you respond to a person who justifies his

How would you respond to a person who justifies his - smoke...

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How would you respond to a person who justifies his/her unhealthy behaviors  by saying, "Healthy people die of heart attacks, too."? If I had to respond to a person who said “people who are healthy die of heart attacks, too.”? I would have to agree with them but the unhealthy life style will only contribute to unhealthy diseases. Sedentary lifestyles in America have caused America to be overweight which is a large contributor to heart disease. Along with just being lazy people smoke and make negative decisions without thinking about their health in the long run. A person can
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Unformatted text preview: smoke for thirty years and drink heavily and could live to be ninety years old, but on the other side of things a person could smoke for less than a year and could have a heart attack. It’s a game of roulette I believe and making unhealthy decisions will only go against your odds. I also believe that a person who justifies there unhealthy behavior on healthy people who die abruptly are too lazy to make change and do not have the motivation to change their own lifestyle for the better....
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