What does quality mean to you

What does quality mean to you - should have been thorough...

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What does quality mean to you? What companies do you believe provide you with quality goods or services and why? What companies have failed to meet your quality expectations? Quality can mean different things depending on whether it is a good or a service. It also can be used as a scale to determine how good of condition something is in such as poor quality. To me when quality is used in terms of a product the product should be able to satisfy the customer and leave no doubt in their mind that the product they just bought was the right one, also the product shouldn’t break after one use, otherwise the product was of poor quality. When used to describe services the service
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Unformatted text preview: should have been thorough and completed all tasks that were assigned to the company. Some companies that I believe provide quality items are the upscale clothing companies that sell suits, and other fancy merchandise, some car companies such as dodge, chevy, or ford, but it doesn’t just have to be expensive items that can offer good quality some local restaurants offer quality food at low affordable prices. My true feeling about quality is that the true meaning of quality is in the eye of the beholder, so the consumer always decides whether or not the product is of good quality....
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