Case Study - BUAD 208 Case Study I THE AFTERMATH OF TYRANNY...

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Unformatted text preview: BUAD 208 Case Study I THE AFTERMATH OF TYRANNY The Rasumofsky Company, makers of "59" brand insecticides and industrial chemicals, had been run for many years by one man; Ferdinand Bullock, who was largely responsible for its steady growth during the last seventeen years. Bullock was actually the boss in all but title even before he was made Executive Vice President in 1999. Since then, however, he had controlled everything in the company and made every important decision. The President had confined himself to handling a few old customers - who a three quarters of a century earlier had accounted for the bulk of the company's sales, and whose loyalty, and on one occasion, financial help had pulled the company through the great depression. By now, however, these customers accounted only for ten percent or less of the company's business - a result of the expansion since Bullock had become the dominant force in the company. The President, in other words, was not much more than an assistant sales manager except in title. The other officers of the company were all Bullock's office boys and treated by him as such. The only one showing signs of independence was Stanley Greenback, the Assistant Controller, who had come in from the company's public accounting firm four years earlier to handle tax matters, but he was still very young and had no experience except in auditing and taxes. The Chairman of the Board - the last representative of the...
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Case Study - BUAD 208 Case Study I THE AFTERMATH OF TYRANNY...

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