scifri1 - contamination in the peanut butter that has led...

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Chelsea Bertram A39891015 ISB 202-001 2/12/09 Science Friday #1 Extra Credit Archive: “Future of the FDA” (broadcast on February 6th, 2009) The guest on this segment of Science Friday was Bill Hubbard, the former Associate Commissioner for Policy and Planning for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). He discussed his first hand information about the FDA’s operations that have led to the recent health safety concerns, specifically the salmonella outbreak, and what this means for the future. This has been a topic of interest for many as of late due to the nation-wide health problems causing alarming numbers of people severe illnesses and even death. As Hubbard points out, this clearly could have been avoided. Early into the conversation, Hubbard is bluntly explaining to host Ira Flatow the sources of
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Unformatted text preview: contamination in the peanut butter that has led to this most recent salmonella outbreak. I was absolutely horrified when he said that there were roasted rats found in the peanuts at this plant, as well as insect infestations. This is disgusting, and as one audience member who phoned in said, restaurant regulations would be shut down way before conditions could even reach this unsanitary level. The idea that our Federal Food and Drug Administration is not nearly as cautious of national food distribution plants as our local restaurants are is a scary thought, that we unfortunately have already begun to suffer from. I would like to know when and how the FDA will safely protect the food I buy at the grocery store so I dont have to worry about these contamination issues anymore....
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scifri1 - contamination in the peanut butter that has led...

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