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Fadel Ibrahim A39990774 When I decided to attend Michigan State University one of my biggest goals was to learn about myself and other people while at the same time broadening my horizons. As college went along I decided to choose psychology as a cognate in my major. My main focus of this was to understand myself and other people better. When asked by my professor to take the Big 5 personality inventory and a variety of implicit association tests I felt like it was a great opportunity to learn about myself. Here is how I fared! The first big five trait that I was tested one was Openness to Experience/Intellect. People who score highly on this test are seen by “others who know them as creative, imaginative, open- minded, and clever. They are more prone than most others to be politically liberal, to use drugs, and to play a musical instrument.” I scored in the 3 percentile of this trait which means that I am not imaginative or creative and rather that I prefer traditional and familiar experiences. I found this hard to understand at first because I have played various musical instruments, consider myself politically liberal as well as clever. However, these characteristics do not make up the whole trait. When I thought about it deeper, I do not do drugs and would never get out of my comfort level to even try a cigarette. Another way that I can see this trait in myself is that it is very hard to wear new clothes; I always seem to like the ones I have been wearing for awhile and the combinations that I have come to prefer over time. Perhaps most significantly, if I get out of my daily routine I feel like I am playing catch up the rest of the day. So more or less I am not actively going to seek change (which kind of hurts me!), and is very consistent with my ranking in this category The next big five trait that I tested myself on was conscientiousness. Conscientiousness includes traits such as “competence, order, dutifulness, achievement, striving, self-discipline, 1
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Fadel Ibrahim A39990774 and deliberation.” I scored in the 52 nd percentile, according to the website this means that I am neither organized nor disorganized. However, again I thought I ought to be ranked as a very conscientious person. In certain respects I can understand myself being right in the middle; I am not the most organized or disciplined person. However, I do strive to be better at everything I do every day, and I feel that epitomizes conscientiousness. The big five trait of extraversion is basically the trait of being social and outgoing. In the
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fadels psych paper - Fadel Ibrahim A39990774 When I decided...

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