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  Waco Worldview mismatch (dissonance) major source of conflict - Foundation  Components of reality o Ontology: what can exist o Epistemology: what can be known o Cosmology: origin and structure o Logic: what relations are possible o Axiology: comparative value Perspective  o Cognitive frames o Emotional expression o Evaluative standards o Decision making/problem solving o Self construction o Ideology construction o Cohesion Relational o Isomorphic o Congruent o Competitive o Antagonistic  o Parallel o Divergent o Incompatible- related but cannot connect o Irrelevant o Equivalent o Complimentary o Symmetrical/balanced o Hierarchical  Dynamics o Emergent o Constructed o Negotiated o Defended o Transformed o Expansive o Predatory  - Most profound conflicts caused by incompatible worldviews 
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Symbolic (meaning) convergence necessary for cooperative action o Name conflict o Identity components responsible for cause 
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11-1 notes - Waco...

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