Cults 9-25-07 - and group needs (e.g. compliance)....

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ISS 210 Cults 9/25/07 Cohesion: Forces that enhance bonded relations Attachment: identification and voluntary engagement Belief: Acceptance compliance regarding shared ideology. Assertions taken about the world that are true, whatever it may be. Commitment: Consistent restriction of range of voluntary choice. Involvement: time spent in direct? Indirect social engagement Structural Integrity: Persistence of objective verifiable attributes. Centralized Engagement: Narrowing of relevant stimulus field Sources External: Situationally induced effects of outside exchange Internal: Dynamics produced by consistent interaction within the group. Psychological: Emotional needs for equilibrium between personal needs (e.g. acceptance)
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Unformatted text preview: and group needs (e.g. compliance). Cohesion/ Ideology • Problem: Distinguishing between variant belief/ practice and mental illness (pathological thought self destruction). • Major group proves components (f) threat/ loss of/ disruption/ dissolution of o Coveted identities o significant bonded relations o Cherished values, beliefs, attitudes • Cohesion: Group stability and integrity • Ideology: Goal attainment and preservation Correlates-Conjoint Action: Inter-relatedness -Shaping attitudes, emotions and behavior -Shared delusions: group based perceptual set fusion-Dependence and group power ISS 210 Cults 9/25/07...
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Cults 9-25-07 - and group needs (e.g. compliance)....

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