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Cults 10-1-07 - doctrine Demand for purity Perfection...

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ISS 210 Cults- Ideological Totalism 10/2/2007 (Uncertainty) - important part of prior cult memberships when we aren’t sure, we follow others. Environmental control: disruption of internal balance pressure for meager with externals - The recruitment process is the MOST important process of cults. - Being in a gang is like being in a family Control of rewards controls choice which controls behavior/ evaluations Loading the Language: Reduction of complexity! - All encompassing jargon: dualistic simplicity (ex. computer jargon) - Expresses unity/ Exclusiveness/ Certainty Doctrine superiority to person: Personal experience reformatted as consistent with ideology - Retrospective Reinterpretation - Doctrine and related myth are more realistic legitimate and Genuine: closed system Mystical Manipulation : sense of hunger/ revealed purpose - Chosen/ selected imperative: super cedes all competition/ justifies any potion (f)
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Unformatted text preview: doctrine Demand for purity/ Perfection: nothing exempt from moral evaluation -Everything is judged by ideology. -Guilt/ Shame: levels for manipulation relief (f) denouncing external imparities. Confession: Surrender and purification-Publically (is the best, because it heightens commitment) -There is a sense of merger/ fusion of self environment -Total self disclosure: Environment’s total ownership of self -Command performance for active public display of purging impurity Sacred Science: Ideology as the ultimate moral vision-No space for alternatives: airtight light of invariant -precision intense experience of truth-Total doctrinal compliance (identification) ISS 210 Cults- Ideological Totalism 10/2/2007 Dispensing Existence: Distinction of to tight existence for only believers-Single path specified to valid existence -Destroy possibility of false existence...
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