Exam 1 notes - effective/efficient personal behavior and...

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Exam 1 notes Logic of Presentation : -Principled thought: Application of unquestioned accepted facts -Deliberated thought: Emphasis on the changeable nature of approach -Multiple solutions: discovery, inspiration, imagination, critical thought Notion of Presentation: synthetic -organization of thought -> practice within a single perspective -purity of approach vs. adequacy of analysis -problems secondary to approach General Expectations Subject matters: problems relevant to the human condition -Characteristics : Significant, universal, recurrent Problem focus requires synthesis of knowledge -Goal : critical decision making. Characteristic of active participation in a democratic/civil society inform citizens, practically utilizing knowledge, understanding appropriate corrective action -Consequences : Autonomous, self-reflective, critical thought General Education -Adaptive response to change -Realistic definitions, approaches, and solutions to problems
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Unformatted text preview: effective/efficient personal behavior and social action-Instruction: Acquisition/learning-Teaching: Knowledge/education-problem ___: replication->wisdom • Learning: Adequacy of the known o Student: Passive/dependent o Instructor: informational-enhancing understanding of the established-receiving/reproducing information-drawing/deriving logical conclusions-objective approach instead of fixed-develop coordinated sequences of information-possibility of right/wrong • Education facilitated by teachers o Teaching: identity/integrity-The capacity to go b eyond e st ablished inform ation -> u n d erstood/known Into the realm of the conte m porary, into the improbable-critical a nd s elf-reflective inquiry/questions-focus on imperfect/unresolved phe no m e non -s e arch for interdisciplinary links, juxtaposition of conflictive possibilities Invulnerability...
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Exam 1 notes - effective/efficient personal behavior and...

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