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ISS210 Authoritarianism (Anm) 10/23/07 *Note: There may be a couple questions about the value system of the Japanese cult (how the values are held is important, not what the values are) - The manner in which the value system is held: Authoritarianism (Anm) Can be without narcissism Held in such a way that it is not challenged An unchallenged perfect authority o A challenge would equal an emotional distruction o People expect it because they want to comply and feel loyal Manifested by style of power protection and creation o Closed to internal/external correction: uncritical/unexamined acceptance o Scarceness of tradition: Special access o Rigid/Narrowly focused ways to establish correctness Beliefs reduce self confidence → manipulation o Truth produces moral certainty and legitimizes control When you know what the truth is…why look else where You will pass that theory on to others o Ideology: Anm as a virtue Indirect: e.g. – like telling an annoying kid who keeps asking why, and
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