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ISS210Narcissistic Personality10

ISS210Narcissistic Personality10 - o Desire to be admired...

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ISS210 Narcissistic Personality 10/18/07 - Characteristics o Fear of Dependence: underlying insecurity - Medical – Procedures / Spiritual – Relationships o Focuses on themselves Constantly watching, admiring themselves o In past relationships all they experienced was rejection & disappointment - Calculating impression management : pseudo – self presentation o Being something completely different from oneself when different people are around (e.g. - how you act on a date, at church, with “in-laws”, etc…) - Distrust: defensive incorporation of grandiose images ( extremes of competence, huge feeling of importance) o Fantasies of omnipotence o Shallow interpersonal relations o Background: rejection/abandonment → sense of entitlement
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Unformatted text preview: o Desire to be admired or for admiration: contempt for those producing it Desire to be worshipped -Search for experience to fill emotional void: lack of authenticity-Production of unacceptable self attributes perpetuate perceptions of threat/danger-Desire for immediacy and indiscriminate intimacy-Interest in external events only as they reflect/maintain self images o Grandiose self importance without legitimizing achievements o Fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, etc… o Sense of uniqueness: should associate with/ can only be understood by similar others-interpersonally exploitative: lacks empathy...
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ISS210Narcissistic Personality10 - o Desire to be admired...

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