ISS210System Function - Feedback (information control) o...

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ISS210 System Function (Cont.) 10/11/07 - Transformation (Socialization) o Ideological confirmation and legitimacy Enhancing conversation and stabilizing enduring commitment o Disruption prior to involvement: Psychological stability Inter-personal attachment Cultural/ institutional integration When these factors are unstable you begin to search for anything to connect with o Conjoint action→ unquestioned affirmation of cohesion/ ideology - Monitoring (normative control) o Observe behavior, assess & regulate members’ action: behavior, cognitions and feelings o Insecurity & threatening situation = you holding on to those like you with extreme force o Most effective/ efficient: voluntary(f) internalization Identification with the aggressor and suppression of individuality (f) distribution of rewards You internalize the rules & to violate those would be to violate yourself -
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Unformatted text preview: Feedback (information control) o Data on how well primary task is being achieved Positive (reaffirmation): group activities are dissonant with objectives Negative: necessary for regulation and correction-Absence o Control of negative societal reactions → suppression of ideological vision reduction of cohesion/ morale o Induced change → intensification of current patterns (psychological reaction) o Suggests combination of personal insecurity and group/ ideological instability as latent forces-Boundary Control (external relations) o Perception of threat→ defensive reactions Consolidation of in-group/ out-group distinctions → cohesion/ commitment • Shared delusional states and expansionist agendas produce reciprocal distrust: rigidification o Paranoia: is a suspicion without foundation o Consolidation of purpose o Legitimizes current definitions o Produces amplification o Facilitates recruitment o Clarifies zone of control...
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ISS210System Function - Feedback (information control) o...

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