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ISS Notes 11-15-07 Attachment Bonded relation solid foundation for health promotion o Attachment: emotional connection o Belief: integration/ application of meaning o Commitment: consistency of behavior o Involvement: time devoted to interaction Secure attachment: critical for psychosocial development o Alternative styles Avoidant: rejection/harsh Ambivalent: inconsistent/confusing Anxious: conditional acceptance Disorganized: rejection/ abandonment o Stable: reliable connection to trusted figure Emotional disorder (f) disrupted capacity to make/maintain bonded relations Early experience deeply ingrained pattern Stable core attachments: developmental base for personal worth and social relations Critical importance: central care-giver acceptance o Warm o Sensitive individual attention and readily o Responsiveness available support system o Dependable o Sustained Over-whelming to primitive defenses: protest, despair, detachment o Prolonged early separation
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iss_notes_11-15-07~_Attachment[1] - ISS Notes Attachment...

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