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Psych 135 PracticeMidterm - 1. Meads ,generalized other is:...

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1. Mead’s ‘generalized other’ is: a. a part of our schemas used to incorporate information about new people we meet b. used to evaluate and guide our behavior c. used when avoiding upward social comparisons d. why deindividuation occurs 2. In the activity for our first section meeting, in which you were asked to take notes on what you observed, all of the following types of stimuli were less likely to be written about except a. your partner’s behavior b. peoples’ reactions to you noticing them c. visual stimuli d. auditory stimuli e. your personal experience while completing the exercise (i.e., thoughts and emotions, physical sensations, etc. ) 3. At work, Corwin is reserved and quiet. Out with his friends, Corwin is talkative and daring. This is a demonstration of a. invisible influences on behavior b. the spotlight effect c. the power of the social situation d. both a and c 4. After having an argument with her boyfriend, Lindsey decided to pour sugar into his gas tank – an act that will damage his car. According to ____________, Lindsey is likely to ____________ the proportion of other people who would do the same thing. a. self-evaluation maintenance theory; underestimate b. self-evaluation maintenance theory; overestimate c. false consensus effect; overestimate d. false consensus effect; underestimate 5. Biparticus, a contemporary of Plato and staunch adherent of dualism, believes that: a. mind and body are two separate things b. mind and body work in conjunction to produce the soul c. “I” and “me” are distinct from one another d. “I” and “me” cannot exist without the physical body 6. Ganesh is asked to list the reasons why he is in love with his girlfriend. When he tries to create a list, he finds that he has trouble with this task. Somehow, the image he creates on paper doesn’t capture his feelings for her. We can best explain Ganesh’s difficulty by referring to our inadequacy in what area? a. recognizing the biases in our perceptions b. introspective awareness c. predicting other people’s behavior d. making correct attributions for others’ behavior
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7. Unbeknownst to Karen, most people view her as unattractive, even though Karen herself believes that she is stunningly beautiful. According to self-discrepancy theory,
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Psych 135 PracticeMidterm - 1. Meads ,generalized other is:...

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