Kp=Kc - into expression for K p above P B =[B RT P R =[R RT...

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Law of Mass Action jA + kB D pR + qS _________________________________ [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] c K B A S R eq K k j q p = = [X] = concentration in M (mol/L) _____________________________________ k B j A q S p R p p p p p K = P = partial pressures in atm __________________________________ In general: P X = [X] RT Substitute P A = [A] RT
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Unformatted text preview: into expression for K p above P B = [B] RT P R = [R] RT P S = [S] RT Simplify to get K K (RT) p c n = D where D n = (p+q) -(j+k) = n prod-n react D n = moles of product – moles of reactant __________________________________...
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