Am.Ind 187- midterm questions

Am.Ind 187- midterm questions - Mandana Budare Am.Ind. 187...

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Mandana Budare Am.Ind. 187 February 27, 2008 Midterm Questions 1. I would advise the IHS that an important part of American Indian healing is healing the mind, body, and soul in order for the individual to completely heal. Western medicine can be used to treat the body as long as it doesn’t interfere with their traditional mind and soul healing. For example, animal spirits are often a cause of illness in many tribes including Cherokee and Seminole. This is not something that western medicine can deal with and should, therefore, allow tribes to openly use their traditional techniques. Only after traditional techniques have failed should doctors come into play if the tribe member chooses to do so. However, American Indians should be encouraged to use the health services available to them; perhaps by educating them about the benefits between western medicine versus traditional healing. In some tribes, such as the Yokut, medicine men are often causing illness upon others by abusing their supernatural powers. For tribes with similar health issues to this, perhaps the IHS could provide some sort of therapy to the medicine men to make sure they are acting as healers, rather than inflicting
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Am.Ind 187- midterm questions - Mandana Budare Am.Ind. 187...

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