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Exam 3 Study Guide Chapter 9 Effective Instruction: For instruction to be effective, it must be effective in all 4 areas of QAIT Carrol: Time actually spent on learning Time needed to learn Slavin’s QAIT Model: A model of effective instruction that focuses on elements teachers can directly control o Q uality o A ppropriateness o I ncentive o T ime EX. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link Grouping for Achievement: Tracks: o Curriculum sequences to which students of specified achievement or ability level are assigned Between-Class Ability Grouping: o The practice of grouping students in separate classes according to ability level Within-Class Ability Grouping: o A system of accommodating student differences by diving a class of students into two or more ability groups for instruction in certain subjects Nongraded Programs: o Combine children of different ages in the same class o Aka cross-age grouping programs Re-grouping: o A method of ability grouping in which students in mixed-ability classes are assigned to reading or math classes on the basis of their performance levels Untracking: o A focus on having students in mixed-ability groups and holding them to high standards but providing many ways for students to reach those standards
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Joplin Plan: o A regrouping method in which students are grouped across grade lines for
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Exam_3_Study_Guide - Exam 3 Study Guide Chapter 9 Effective...

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