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Chemistry 215 Fall 2007 Revision Date 8/10/07 GENERAL COURSE INFORMATION Instructors and Office Hours : Professor H. Floyd Davis Room 260B ST Olin Lab (5-0014, Office Hours: Monday 4:30-5:30 p.m., Thursday 4:30-5:30 pm, or by appointment Mr. John Terry Room 131A Baker Lab (5-4389, Tuesday 2:00-3:00 p.m. or by appointment. Chemistry 215 Mission Statement: This course is an honors introductory chemistry course. Students should have considerable experience (typically two years of high school chemistry, including AP), and interest in chemistry. It is assumed that students have a firm foundation in trigonometry, the elementary concepts of atoms, molecules, moles, balancing equations, and applications of the ideal gas law (see Chapters 2-5 in Zumdahl). A calculus course at the level of MATH 111 or 191 is a co-requisite. Note that Chemistry 207 (Fall) and 208 (Spring) is the standard Chemistry sequence. Because Chemistry 215 and 208 cover essentially the same material, students cannot get credit for both courses unless granted special permission in advance by the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Paul Chirik. Undergraduate Instructional Office: Ms. Pat Hine (5-5287, ) and Dr. Dan Lorey (5-4791, ) in Baker 131 handle all questions concerning entrance to and exit from the course, lecture and laboratory. Students wishing to register for or drop the course must see Ms. Hine or Dr. Lorey. They are authorized to sign for the course instructor on "add" or "drop" forms. The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology requires departmental approval for all course changes . If you are adding, dropping, or petitioning out of this course, a course
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Chem 215 Course Info - Chemistry 215 GENERAL COURSE...

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