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Problem Set 1 - Chem 215 Fall 2007 Problem Set 1 Due Fri...

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Chem 215, Fall 2007 Problem Set 1 Due Fri. Aug. 31, 2:00 PM Name: ____________________________ Lab TA Name: ______________________ Lab Day: __________ 1. When aluminum is ignited in bromine, aluminum bromide is formed. In a certain experiment, 6.0 g of aluminum reacted with an excess of bromine to yield 50.3 g of aluminum bromide. Calculate the theoretical and percent yield of aluminum bromide. 2. Consider a 5.430 gram mixture of FeO and Fe 3 O 4 . This mixture reacts completely with an excess of oxygen to form 5.779 g of Fe 2 O 3 . Calculate the percent by mass FeO in the original mixture.
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2 3. The total mass that can be lifted by a balloon is given by the difference between the mass of air displaced by the balloon and the mass of gas inside the balloon. Consider a hot-air balloon that approximates a sphere 5.00 meters in diameter, and contains air heated to 65 o C. The surrounding air temperature is 21 o C. The pressure in the balloon is equal to the atmospheric pressure, 745 Torr. a) Neglecting the mass of the walls of the balloon, what total mass can the balloon lift? You can assume
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