Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Making and implementing government...

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Chapter 9 Making and implementing government decisions. Internal and external actors ON TEST: All the king’s men. Essay. Relationship between executive, legislature, judiciary ON TEST: Remember examples to each approach Decision making and public administration Herbert Simon (1945): “a theory of administration should be concerned with the processes of decision as well as the processes of action. Different decision-making theories have struggled for acceptance Goals for each approach Each approach must rectify issues surrounding information and values Both information and values constantly intermingle as administrators seek to make decisions. Information Information is the basic raw material of decisions Decision makers must acquire, weigh, and act on the data they collect Information is rarely an abstract truth, but rather a matter of interpretation Who has the information? How do they and others look at the information? Some have more information than others. Values How do political values affect decisions? Decisions depend on judgments: about the nature of the dilemma, the probabilities of events, and the desirability of consequences Decision require political support from The general public The attentive public: group that have a salient interest in the agency. Decision-making approaches Rational approach
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Akin to systems theory, in this approach the decision maker structures the decision-making problem as a system that processes “inputs” to produce “outputs” and seeks to produce the most output for a given level of input Process steps Define goals Identify alternatives Calculate consequences Decide Begin again
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Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Making and implementing government...

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