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chapter 7 notes

chapter 7 notes - PADP 4620 October 1 2008 Part three...

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PADP 4620- October 1, 2008 Part three: people in government organizations Chapter 7: Civil Service Civil service system: employment system used by democratic governments to minimize political tinkering with the administrative process (Pendelton established) Employees are Hired by merit Paid according to position Protected from political interference and dismissal Obligated to accountability Started in federal level and spread to lower levels Public Employment Size of American bureaucracy is not big for industrial nations Total U.S. government employment measured as share of population; flat for 30 years Nearly half of all government employees work in education and libraries. It’s a labor intensive position that is not person focused. Fundamental Elements of the Civil Service System Position classification: each position is identified in terms of the special knowledge the job requires, its level of difficulty, and the responsibilities that come with it Staffing Compensation Position classification in the civil service Positions are defined according to occupation, degree of difficulty, and responsibility General schedule (GS level) that governs most employees includes 15 grades The system attempts to prevent political interference in the hiring process. Step 1: 21000, step 15: 124,000
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Determined by Office of Personal Management (OPM) Position classification problems Written descriptions rarely match actual jobs There are 2 civil service exams. No longer for many positions, only lower level. System creates strong incentives for grade creep Grade creep: tendency for agencies to multiply the number of high administrative position, sift professional specialists to administrative roles, or seek higher classifications for existing positions Federal workforce as changed; makes it difficult to keep system up-to-date. Staffing the Civil service Hiring process asks that applicants who meet the minimum qualifications requirements for white collar positions take one of these exams Assembled examination: written test administered usually at a number of cities used mostly for lower positions Unassembled examinations: candidate submits a comprehensive resume, references, etc Ranked register Applicants who pass written exam are placed on register of individuals for hire Unranked register
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chapter 7 notes - PADP 4620 October 1 2008 Part three...

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