Chapter 11 - CHAPTER 11 Points to Consider for...

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CHAPTER 11 Points to Consider for Implementation The fundamental issue is increasing intermingling of federal-state- local and private-public roles in society. As the use of third party government increases, it is harder to reach agreement on what goals ought to be pursued. It is both important and difficult to collect information about what results a program produces. Importance of Feedback Effective program implementation depends critically on obtaining good feedback. Some feedback comes through routine administrative monitoring. Unexpected source of feedback can also provide valuable feedback Whistle-blowers:  disaffected employees can often produce explosive  surprises. Backward mapping should replace forward mapping. Forward mapping:  managers decide what goals they want to accomplish  and then define the responsibilities for those goals at each step in the  implementation process. Backward mapping 
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Chapter 11 - CHAPTER 11 Points to Consider for...

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