Chapter 13 - Chapter 13: Legislative Control of...

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Chapter 13: Legislative Control of Administration Constitution: congress creates the organizational structure within which bureaucrats work Congress : o authorizes the bureaucrats’ positions and the programs they administer o appropriates funds o retains the right to investigate how bureaucrats spend the money and run the programs paradox of oversight o paradox: much of what congress does is oversight, yet the activity tends to rank low among congressional priorities o many congressional actions involve some form of supervision of administrative actions o Yet reelection takes priority over routine oversight. Oversight by Fire Alarm o McCubbins and Schwartz created a theory about congressional oversight o Congress manages oversight when there is a “fire alarm”; congress responds to complaints as they arise o Congress does not manage oversight like a “police patrol”, in which Congress would conduct routine patrols at its won initiative. Purposes of oversight o Assurance that administrators follow the intent of congress o Investigation of instances of fraud, waste, and abuse o Collection of information
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o Evaluation of program effectiveness o Protection of congressional prerogatives o Personal advocacy o Reversal of unpopular actions. Methods of congressional oversight o Oversight by congressional committees and their staffs o Program reviews conducted by congressional support agencies
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Chapter 13 - Chapter 13: Legislative Control of...

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