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11/9/06 HUMAN-ENVIRONMENT RELATIONSHIPS (NATURE AND SOCIETY) What is a resource Resources=things that have utility Natural resources derived from the earth Renewable resources (human time scale) Sustainable yield and environmental degradation Tragedy of the commons—all want to use the common resources. Doesn’t have time to replenish its sources Non-renewable resources (fixed quantity) Valuing natural resources Environmental cognition= trying to make sense of the environment Cultural background View of nature—some people want to live in nature that view themselves as part of the system, some others view humans as most important and are in complete control of the nature Social conditions—environment that you grew up in reflect your view of nature—poor/rich, male/female, ethnicity (wealthy use more resources) Resources scarcity (absolute vs. relative)—the ability to get out the resources out of the ground Technological and economic factors—higher price, higher economic incentive to extricate those resources Exploitation, conservation, and preservation Exploitation= use for greatest possible advantage—short term thinking Conservation – use for sustainability for all Preservation= protecting resources—national parks Dominant social paradigms Hunter-gatherer—spirits connected to the world Agricultural—manipulate nature for our purposes Industrial—people think of themselves as separate from nature—
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