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OCTOBER 5 What is the case for pesticides? Pesticides have saved human lives Pesticides increase food supplies and lower food costs Pesticides work better and faster than alternatives Health risks are insignificant compared to benefits Many new pesticides are used at very low rates per unit area. What is the case against pesticides? Genetic resistance Broad-spectrum insecticides kill natural predators and parasites of pests Wiping out predators can unleash new pests Pesticides do not stay put Some pesticides can harm wildlife Pesticides can also threaten human health Bioaccumulation and biomagnifications What are other ways to control pests?. Cultivation practices Genetically resistant crops (breed or engineer) Biological control
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Unformatted text preview: • Biopesticides (botanicals) • Microbes • Insect birth control • Pheromones • Zapping pests with hot water • Zapping foods with radiation • Integrated pest management (IPM) • Rangeland management • Pheromones • Chemical sex attractants that can be extracted from pests or synthesized to lure pests into traps or to attract natural predators to crop fields (the latter is usually more productive). These chemicals only attract one species and have little chance of producing genetic resistance. You only need minute amounts, but these chemicals can be costly to identify, isolate, and produce, especially considering that you need specific sex attractants for each pest or predator. • Meat as concentrated prote...
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