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september 19 - male(historically • Long distance migrants...

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09/19/06 Migration Migration=move from one location to another Emigration=movement from a location Immigration=movement to a location Net in- versus net out-migration Circulation=short-term movements Push/Pull Factors Three main types of push/pull factors Economic Jobs, economic restructuring, new discoveries E.G. mexico, Asia Cultural Slavery, political instability and boundaries, democracy versus totalitarianism Refugees forced to migrate E.G. Rwanda, Cuba Environmental Physically attractive places versus hazardous ones E.G. Rockies, Sahel, floodplains, Dustbowl, southwest U.S., Florida Migration Intervening obstacles Environmental – (river too high, mountains too high to pass, desert not enough water) Cultural—( political embargoes) Short distance same country Long distance economic centers International migration Voluntary Forced Internal migration Interregional- between regions Intraregional- within regions Long distance migrants
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Unformatted text preview: male (historically) • Long distance migrants adult individuals • Developing developed • Migration to the US • Prior to 1840 • Britain • After 1840 • Western Europe • Early 1900s • Southern and eastern Europe • US Europe’s “safety valve” • Today? • Clusters • California, new York, new jersey, Florida, Texas, and Illinois • Chain migration (going to an area on which one has a certain amount of knowledge) • Quotas = maximum limits • Who can migrate? • Brain drain (best lawyers, engineers, doctors, etc. are leaving countries to come to US) • US attitudes toward immigrants • “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”-Emma Lazarus • Illegal/legal immigration contributes about 40% to the US population growth • Guest worker program, which may lead to citizenship for illegal laborers somewhere down the road....
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