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vocab for ch 1 - VOCAB FOR GEOG CHAPTER 1 Accessibility-...

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VOCAB FOR GEOG CHAPTER 1 Accessibility - the opportunity for contact or interaction from a given point or location in relation to other locations. (proximity to something) Agglomeration effects- the cost advantages that accrue to individual firms because of their location within such a cluster. Ancillary activities- operate efficiently only in settings where there are enough customers to ensure a continuous demand. (maintenance, repair, security, is haulage services) Capitalism - a form of economic and social organization characterized by the profit motive and the control of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of goods by private ownership. Cognitive distance - the distance that people perceive to exist in a given situation. Based on people’s personal judgments about the degree of spatial separation between points. Cognitive image - psychological representation so locations that spring from people’s individual ideas and impressions of these locations. (mental maps) Cognitive space - people’s values, feelings, beliefs, and perceptions about locations, districts, and regions. Can be described in terms of behavioral space—landmarks, paths, environments, and spatial layouts. Distance-decay functions - the rate of which a particular activity or phenomenon diminishes with increasing distance. (e.g.: people’s decaying willingness to travel farther for free medical care) Economies of scale - cost advantages to manufacturers that accrue from high volume production, sense the average cost of production falls with increasing output. External economies - cost savings resulting from advantages that are derived from circumstances beyond a firm’s organization and methods of production. Formal region - groups of aerial units that have a high degree of homogeneity in terms of particular distinguishing features (such as religious adherence or household income) Friction of distance - the deterrent or inhibiting effect of distance on human activity. Reflection of the time and cost of overcoming distance. Functional region
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vocab for ch 1 - VOCAB FOR GEOG CHAPTER 1 Accessibility-...

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