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Tara Alire TA: Nick Warner 13 October 2008 Crime and economics are associated. (1) The phrase “are associated” does not give direction, which in turn provides no explicit comparison to falsify. The variables “crime” and “economics are both broad concepts which are not specific enough to quantify. (2) The crime rate among households with income levels below $30,000 is proportionally higher than among households with income levels above $30,000. (3) Independent variable – economics; dependent variable – crime. The proportion of California citizens who smoke is lower than the proportion in North
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Unformatted text preview: Carolina. (1) Although it possesses a clear direction, this comparison fails to provide logic for its conclusion; because the comparison gives no detail about what differentiates the citizens of California from those of North Carolina, it lacks external validity and is, therefore, not generalizable. (2) Citizens that reside in states that produce more tobacco per capita are more likely to smoke in comparison with other states. (3) Independent variable – states; dependent variable – smoking....
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