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Final paper S09

Final paper S09 - bid auction and in-class market and...

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March Madness in the Classroom Assignment 2, (Due April 13, 2009) Report on Expected Values and Auction Strategy Portfolio Project Final Paper The main purpose of the assignment is to write up a detailed analysis of your portfolio performance and your experience as a portfolio manager. Approach your analysis as you would with a conventional financial investment portfolio. In addition to reporting the growth and final values of each individual unit (team), consider your decision making at each step. The first important factor determining the final outcome was the initial evaluation of teams included in assignment #1. The second and likely most important factor was the assignment of team shares through the closed bid auction and initial (pre tournament) in-class open market. Explain your strategy where you increased your share bids well above expected values. Did the “winners curse” apply to any of your bids on any of your selected teams? Comment on the relationship between the closed
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Unformatted text preview: bid auction and in-class market and Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan’s description of the 1990s stock market bubble as “irrational exuberance”. What did you learn? In particular, what would you do differently at this stage should you play the game again? Third track your continued diversification purchase and sale decisions and discuss your strategy at each step. Also consider these questions. Was this market as fluid as you would have liked? Were you able to find buyers/sellers to meet your satisfaction? Or, did the small number of participants and available assets constrain the market? Should more opportunities to diversify been provided? Again, consider what you would do differently if you played again. Lastly write a conclusion that summarizes your results and your experience. Include any recommendations that you have for improving the game for future classes....
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