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Hammons 1 Amanda Hammons KINS 3415 Midterm Essay “The Exploitation of a Modified Learning Disability” March 4, 2009 When an individual is asked to make an ethically conflicted decision, they have three
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Hammons 2 basic moral reasoning theories to base their judgment. According to moral reasoning, Ms. Mindful must first survey the situation before making a judgment. Based on the different theories for evaluating an ethical dilemma, Ms. Mindful’s judgment will be subject to the morally responsible alternatives, and depending on the theory used, will evaluate different aspects of the dilemma. The primary ethical dilemma is whether or not to punish a student with a learning disability for displaying acts of aggression at a school related activity. Additionally, Ms. Mindful must evaluate her professional value to comply with the President’s request for disciplinary action while also taking into consideration her social values of teamwork and leadership. Should she ignore Duncan’s handicap when deciding her actions? Should she submit to authority and enforce punishment regardless of her personal beliefs? Should she jeopardize her leadership qualities to build trust and maintain harmony amongst her own peers, the Coach and Athletic Director? From a deontological perspective, Ms. Mindful’s alternative is focused on the features within the actions, not the consequences of Duncan’s behavior. These features determine the level of conformity with established and socially recognized moral duties. In evaluating Duncan’s actions, Ms. Mindful can refer to Immanuel Kant’s ethical perspective and establish that moral duties are universalized and unchanging laws that individuals should adhere to. Kant’s
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Midterm Essay - Hammons 1 Amanda Hammons KINS 3415 Midterm...

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