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FINA 3000 INTRODUCTION TO FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SPRING 2007 TEST I 2/3/07 INSTRUCTIONS: 1. You have 50 minutes to complete this exam. 2. Select the choice that best answers the question. 3. This test is governed by the University of Georgia Honor Code. Violations of the honor code include (but are not limited to) talking to classmates, using notes or other outside material, looking at the scantron or test of a classmate, using a programmable calculator, or offering assistance to a classmate. Violations of the Honor Code will be reported to Office of Student Affairs. 4. Tests must be turned in when time is called. Failure to turn in your test in a timely fashion may result in deducted points or a zero. 5. Allowable materials: Financial calculator, Pencil, Pen NAME: (print)___________________________ I, _______________________, understand the instructions and agree to abide by the University Honor Code.
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Section I: True/False (1 point each). Select A if the answer to the question is TRUE, and select B if the answer to the question is FALSE. 1. As an investor grows older, the investor should put a higher concentration of investments in equity. A. TRUE B. FALSE 2. Two bonds will mature on the same date and have the same coupon rate. These bonds will trade at the same price. A. TRUE B. FALSE 3. The greater the risk, the lower the price of the asset. A. TRUE B. FALSE 4. Mortgage bonds are riskier than debenture bonds. A. TRUE B. FALSE 5. For an amortized loan, the amount that goes to principal in each payment is constant throughout the life of the loan.
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