ADPR 3850 Individual Project

ADPR 3850 Individual Project - ADPR 3850 Individual Project

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Unformatted text preview: ADPR 3850 Individual Project Guidelines/Information Spring 2008 For the individual project portion of your final grade, you can choose to complete one of two assignments. This is going to be primarily a self-directed project, and well spend a class period on February 1 talking about it. Im available for guidance, but as with a real world project, Im expecting you to do the bulk of the research on your own. I urge you to get on the internet and look for examples of press materials and coverage of sponsored events. The goal of this is to provide you with hands-on experience with a PR project. I. The Press Kit This assignment will require you to create a comprehensive press kit for dissemination to members of the media. The choice of topic is entirely up to you, but you should think about something that interests you, either an idea for a product youve secretly wished someone would make, or a service that you would like to see provided. The press kit should contain the following: A general press release giving the overview of the product/service A press release highlighting one aspect of what youre announcing A backgrounder, either on the product or the organization A fact sheet A bio of the head of the company/creator of the product/subject(s) of the show or program A list of possible story ideas for the media Suggestions for artwork/images to accompany a story (just a list, dont try to go out and take pictures) A partial media list of the media outlets youre going to pitch for a story. Be specific, and give at least 15-20. Bacons Media Guide is a good source, you can find it in the Drewry Room in Grady. This simply needs to be a list of the publication or outlet in the Drewry Room in Grady....
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ADPR 3850 Individual Project - ADPR 3850 Individual Project

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