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Theatre 3-3 - groin-Romeo and Juliet The musical with a sad...

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The plot of a play determines Space and Time What is the difference between plot and story??? The plot: how the playwright decides to tell us what happns. Playwright takes incidents and puts them in certain order: to get the best emotional impact of the audience One story can generate lots of plots??? End of West Side Story Combat Choreography is danced (on count of three face, count of two for stomach, count of one for
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Unformatted text preview: groin)-Romeo and Juliet: The musical with a sad ending – the “tragic musical” Rogers & Hammerstein, usually happy ending, even if some people die along the way… After WW2: families are thriving, economies booming, we won! Then SONDHEIM (West Side Story, Sweeney Todd) : post Vietnam, JFK, martin luther, yada The Disney Invation: =...
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