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Theatre 3-24 - Greek used masks “mega phone in masks”...

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William Shakespeare: - The pit: where groundings are “thrust stage” - Two doors upstage with center door - “Inner below” – actor area, possibly on “inner above” - Place understage is called “hell” - Platform is called “ THRUST” - THREE SIDES IS A THRUST Unity of Time – Hecuba, Macbeth had no unity of time Unity of Place, Hecuba (campsite) Macbeth, not so muchUnity of Action: no subplots:
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Unformatted text preview: Greek used masks “mega phone in masks” Greek plays where about choice and religion Hecuba – going into tragedy after exam Paradose: aisle in greek theatre (think parade) Dancing space- orchestra Remember movement goes to you with theme and theatre space Globe Theatre: Shakespeare...
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