3 - Allotment: Daws Act 1887-1934 New Dead 1934-1945...

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Allotment: Daws Act 1887-1934 New Dead 1934-1945 Termination (right after WWII-LBJ [Johnson} or Richard Nixon)—sketchy Richard Nixon was good on Indian Policy Removal -good idea why? In book Allowed them to civilize By the time the settlers are out in the West, the Indians will be civilized The notion that it was possible to remove Indians from White was impossible Ex: Gold being discovered in Cali moves a massive amount of people out West Damage to people out west - disease - alcohol (Native Americans did engage in binge drinking) o caused conflicts with white people - slaughtered the bison By the 1840’s it becomes clear that it’s not going to work Lots of warfare 1860’s- red cloud war warfare along the Bosman trail Federman Massecur \ (always a massacue when the Indians win) What do we do about this? Reservations Reserved right for Indians to stay on land Lands set aside for Indians NYS thruway goes through Seneca territory Eminent Domain can be used ---Article 1, section 8, congress can do whatever they want on these reservations How are these reservations created? - established through treaties - treaty : an agreement between nations o Indians give up a quantity of land, specified in the treaty, in return the government recognizes a certain parcel of land Reservations - supplied money for education - supposed to civilize - assumed to be good for the Indians, -- Christianize them
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3 - Allotment: Daws Act 1887-1934 New Dead 1934-1945...

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