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Week 2 - COMMENTS - about interpretation of the definition...

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Julia C. Week My Comment Grade  Week One: The Rashomon  Effect You bring up some interesting points in your  response.  I like the fact that you distinguished  between the modernity of the actual gender roles v.  lack of modernity in the ideal gender roles.  That is  important.  What you needed to do was go into more  detail about what Gordon wrote about the gender  roles and explain things like class/social differences  that existed, etc.  Also, next time, please cite where  you got your information from. 4 Week Two: I think you did a good job with this response.  I  particularly liked that you mentioned that it was all 
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Unformatted text preview: about interpretation of the definition. This is an important point to remember whenever you are discussing or writing about history. I only wish that you had mentioned that bringing back the Emperor was really a step backwards, instead of something new and truly revolutionary. It was more of a restoration of old values, rather than the start of something new. This is key to answering this question. [Don’t get discouraged; you are definitely on track with your responses and I have no doubt your next response will be a 5 point one!] 4 Week Three: Week Four: Week Five: Week Six:...
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