Week 2 - Western revolutions like the American or French “…in Japan of the Meiji era it was members of the elite of the old regime the samurai

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In fact, Albert M. Craig states flatly, “the Meiji Restoration was not a revolution,  not a change in the name of new values.” (Pyle 60) Why could Craig justifiably  make this statement? What wasn’t revolutionary about the Meiji Restoration?  (Hints: Think about the types of changes the Restoration didn’t and did make.  Also, think about the way in which the Restoration occurred compared to 
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Unformatted text preview: Western revolutions, like the American or French.) “…in Japan of the Meiji era it was members of the elite of the old regime, the samurai, who spearheaded the attack on the old order” (Gordon 62). Albert M. Craig might think that the Meiji Restoration was not a revolution because it 53 58-59...
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